Meet Jason Stokes - A successful entrepreneur & angel investor

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Guest Appearance

Jason will be speaking on the XYZ stage at Tech Show 2023.


Secret Leaders Podcast

Jason will be speaking on the XYZ stage at Tech Show 2023. Tech show


Jason Stokes is an experienced and effective problem solving entrepreneur, having been in the ever-growing ecommerce space for over 15 years, establishing strong partnerships and building advanced and pioneering apps and websites across the globe. He is the CEO and founder of Eastside Co, an award-winning Shopify Partner agency, and a disruptive key player within the industry; providing rewarding and thriving end-to-end shopping experiences that convert into billions of pounds worth of sales.

He is a keen angel investor who has lent his hand in lucrative tech driven start-ups such as Shop Circle and Venn Apps. His companies and investments don’t stop there, having founded and sold Force Fitness, an online store born out of lockdown, providing high-quality workout equipment, and is now looking to enter the world of venture capitalism.

Eastside Co

Jason founded Eastside Co in 2012, a UK born forward thinking and an award-winning Shopify Partner agency; specialising in creative web design, web development and digital marketing. He’s spent +10 years delivering successful strategic e-commerce solutions for a diverse group of brands across the globe from the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Over the years, Jason has built a strong established team of Shopify led experts, who work collaboratively providing ground-breaking scalable solutions to elevate brands into their full potential. Whilst Eastside Co emerged into the fast growing pace of the ecommerce industry, Jason has built a solid infrastructure to ensure all work is curated in-house, allowing the Eastside Co clients to receive an exceptionally streamlined experience.

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Clients Supported

Jason’s professionalism and comprehensive strategic approach is second to none. He’s supported clients anywhere from small disruptive enterprises to Fortune 500’s high growth performing brands. He’s recognised for throwing himself into the vision of a brand, by compassionately understanding  a client’s key goals and objectives, and used his accomplished skill set to plan out a cohesive and holistic strategy.

His true success comes from reactively adapting to the challenges around him, leveraging on his team of experts to delegate where appropriate and never keeping his eye off the strategic goals of a business. Due to his pivoting nature, he’s transformed small start ups into multi million dollar businesses which can be viewed in his track record of successful results.

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